What is Blind and buried vias PCB?

2019-12-06 | Author : FanyPCB

In the industry of printed circuit board manufacturing, you may have heard both the terms blind via and buried via. To understand the answer,Pls continue to look the below about bind and buried vias PCB.
Blind and buried vias are used to connect between layers of a PCB where space is at a premium. A Blind Via connects an outer layer to one or more inner layers but does not go through the entire board. A Buried Via connects two or more inner layers but does not go through to an outer layer.

Blind and buried vias PCB
What Is a Blind Via?
Blind vias is connected from inner layer to outer layer,it does not penetrate the entire board.
What Is a Buried Via?
The buried vias is connected between inner layers, which can not be seen from the surface of PCB.
What Is a Via?Vias are the copper-plated holes in the printed circuit board that allows the layers to connect. The standard via is called a through-hole via, but there are several disadvantages to using through-hole vias in Surface Mount Technology (SMT). For this reason, we often use a blind via or buried via instead. A blind or buried via can be processed in a wide range of different measures, including plugged copper mask via, a plugged solder mask via, plated via or staggered via.
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