Design rulers are the key to the success of PCB design

2019-10-23 | Author : FanyPCB

In PCB design, The design rules are the key to the success of  PCB design. The intent of all PCB designers and the functional manifestations are driven and implemented by the ruler of PCB design. The detailed rule definition can help designers to work in PCB layout ,which save engineers a lot of energy and time, help PCB designers to achieve excellent PCB design.

The entire PCB design needs to follow the rules definition. Including the most basic electrical rules (pitch, short circuit break), wiring rules (line width, routing style, via style etc.), plane rules (power ground plane connection, copper connection); and others Common auxiliary rules such as layout rules, manufacturing rules, signal integrity rules, and so on. After PCB layout is complete, you can also check on Design Ruler to re-examine your PCB layout design, and see if there are any violations of the rules and improve them.

Design rulers are the key to the success of PCB design插图